Below you will find our primary resources related directly to caregivers.

Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – an ABC Guide – print edition $10

Alzheimer’s Basic Caregiving – an ABC Guide – Kindle edition $7.95

Activities of Daily living – an ADL Guide for Alzheimer’s Care – print edition $10

Activities of Daily living – an ADL Guide for Alzheimer’s Care – Kindle edition $7.95

Cheerful Thoughts for Stressful Days is a terrific pick-me-up for down days. It provides keys for tapping into your emotional intelligence with more than a dollop of humor. Sure to make you and others smile. Order the downloadable booklet from our store for only $3.

Driving and Dementia – Driving and dementia is a challenging issue for nearly everyone who interacts with people with dementia. This $3 downloadable booklet provides practical advice on:

  • recognizing when a driver is unsafe
  • suggestions for handling the issue of keeping an unsafe person from driving
  • how to enlist the help of physicians and others
  • an overview of continuing challenges
  • additional resources

Improv Wisdom – This downloadable $3 booklet, which takes its name from Patricia Madson’s book, Improv Wisdom, and has her endorsement, adapts the principles of improvisational theatre and applies them to caregiving. Its practical tips will also make you smile. A terrific training resource, too.

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Dementia Programming

While aimed at educating activity professionals, this course will also benefit personnel in day care and home health settings as well as family caregivers.

  • Part 1 briefly covers delirium, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB), Vascular dementia, and Frontotemporal dementia.
  • Part 2 covers normal aging changes + hints for adapting programming for dementia.
  • Part 3 covers a variety of types of activities that tend to be adaptable to people living with dementia, IF you are willing to bend the rules, and notes some activities likely to be less successful with many people as their dementia progresses.
  • Part 4 covers the many ways you can use Activity Connection content for engaging people living with dementia, some ways to use Wiser Now content, plus game ideas from the Creative Brain Games blog, and a bunch of other resources that have potential for people living with dementia of various types in various stages of progression.