Yes, we know exercise is good for body, mind, and spirit, but most of us need incentive to get off the couch. How about the incentive of beauty?

1. Conductorcise ( was developed by Maestro David Dworkin who retired from a notable career largely focused on youth and took up his baton again with an older crowd. While he advocates specific techniques and classical music in leading others in the art of conducting an imaginary orchestra, we can all do a simple version. Pick up a baton, a drumstick, or a straw, and put on a Sousa March or your favorite Broadway tune or Aretha hit. Then feel the invigoration and admire your graceful beauty as you wave out the beat.

2. Or wave scarves to music. While I especially prefer juggling scarves for their coordinated neon visual appeal, any lightweight scarf will do. Learning to juggle with three scarves is great brain and body exercise, but what I have in mind is gentle, flowing waving – figure eights, circles, zigzags. For this you want slow music or something uplifting like “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” Do it alone and admire your own motions. Do it with a partner for a duet, or with a group for a symphony of beauty. Alternatively, wave plastic party plates color-coordinated for the holiday or season. Raise your arms to give your heart a workout, too, but avoid jerky movements. Let the music guide you.

3. Find the beauty in Nature. Nothing lifts the human spirit like being outdoors in nature, so if possible, go for a walk in a beautiful garden or park and listen to the sounds of nature. If it’s not possible, walk/march (or move your feet in place while seated) as you watch a video that takes you on a virtual walk along a beautiful nature trail. There are many such “relaxation” videos that are hours long, so that you can walk for 10 minutes or 30 minutes and see new scenery for a week or more. This YouTube video,, for example, offers a 2-hour virtual Walk around Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, accompanied by the sound of birds chirping. And when you click on one video, many other options tend to pop up.

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